IVG Nic Salt 10ml - 20mg & 50mg

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IVG E Liquid Salts

IVG is an English juice brand that has lots of great flavours. IVG Has  good reputation for good pricing and tasty flavours with great quality 

Nic Salt liquids from IVG

In addition to offering regular e-liquids, IVG has also included Nic Salt liquids in its range. Nic salt also called nicotine salt is another form of nicotine addition.

Nic Salt is extracted directly from the tobacco leaf and provides faster absorption of nicotine into the blood. Due to the faster absorption into the blood, Nic Salt liquids are more comparable to the 'traditional' cigarette.

Pay attention! Nic salt liquids contain a higher nicotine value and are therefore recommended to be used in pod systems or with coils that contain a high Ohm value.

Award-winning flavors from IVG

Not surprisingly, IVG is highly valued by many vapers. The brand has since received more than 25 awards for its e-liquid flavors.

Including an Award for 'Best British E-Liquid Brand 2019'.

Wondering if IVG's flavors are for you? Or do you have other questions about this brand? Feel free to ask them to our customer service! We are happy to help you.

PG / VG ratio: 50/50

Peppermint Breeze:  refreshing balanced peppermint chewing gum.

Spearmint Sweets: This taste reminds you of delicious minty chewing gum from your childhood. .

Blue Berg: blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant all mixed in toghrther giving you a beautiful heavenly taste

Bubblegum: This is the perfect balanced sweet and fruity chewing gum 

Rainbow: An insane mix of fruits make an insane taste.

Cola: Just Like drinking a can of cola. Extra refreshing Tangy cola

Neon lime its a sweet and sour mix of lemons and citrus fruit with scoop of lime ice cream

Kiwi Lemon Kool:  fresh lightly sour kiwi fruit with a drop of lemon juice. 

Blue Raspberry:  blue raspberries with a tone of fruit slushy. 

Summer Blaze: It is a Blend of peach lemonade and lime peel that relax any userand create the best after taste possible

Apple Berry Crumble: This is a traditional English breadcrumb cake with apple and blackberry filling.

Strawberry Watermelon This is the tangy taste of fruity chewing gum made from  strawberries and juicy watermelons.

Honeydew Lemonade  honeydew melon and lemon mixed together make a natural oasis taste

Fresh Lemonade These are freshly squeezed lemons sprinkled with sugar for the sweetness.

Fresh Mango  tropical mango fruits blended with a pleasant and fresh citrus note.

Cinnamon Blaze sweet andspicy cinnamon  mixed that takes us back to the chewing gum from our childhood.

Citrus Lemonade handpicked grapefruits mixed with orange and lemon peel.

Pink Lemonade   delicious lemonade blended with sweet grapefruit.

Tropical Berry  refreshing chewing gum created with  topical fruits and delicious berries.



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